• The Aquorn Team

Stronger than Hate

On behalf of the Aquorn team, we are heartbroken by the recent tragedy at Tree of Life Congregation. We are deeply troubled by the rhetorical and physical acts of violence that have taken place across our nation and now in our own community.  We believe that an injustice to any of us is an injustice to all of us. 

As professionals committed to building stronger communities, we believe that we must first focus on people, relationships, and inclusion of all. Infrastructure, no matter how strong, only supports the strength of our country that ultimately lies in the diversity of our communities.

We at Aquorn strive to bring optimism, persistence, and compassion to all that we do. We believe that love is stronger than hate, and we affirm that positive change takes time and can be contagious. We are committed to working in pursuit of healthy communities where all people can thrive.

Our hearts go out to our friends, family, and neighbors as we come together as one Pittsburgh to mourn the tragic loss of those we hold dear. 

Andrew Flynn CEO Aquorn, Inc.