• The Aquorn Team

Calling California Finance Innovators

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

California is a hub of creativity and innovation in many fields.  Whether it's Silicon Valley, Hollywood, or agriculture in its vast Central Valley, the Golden State leads the way in transforming how the world lives and works.  And financing the State’s infrastructure and fostering proper transparency related to each financing are no different.

For decades, California public agency financial practices have been marked by visionary leaders. Those leaders continue to recognize the value of pursuing innovative practices to ensure the efficient use of tax dollars, mitigate risk, and meet the complex demands of citizens, regulators and investors.

It is that innovative spirit that Aquorn will revolutionize by marrying cloud-based and other modern technology with agency debt management practices. 

Aquorn is a tech start-up focused exclusively on debt management for public agencies. Our cloud-based platform allows debt to be managed efficiently and transparently. Aquorn’s innovative platform is the efficiency tool that each government needs in our modern transparency-obsessed environment. Our platform is the “all-in-one” toolbox that will easily track cash flows, manage your debt documents and serve as a tickler system. 

Numerous public agencies tell us that the risks of leaving their debt program in spreadsheets, filing cabinets, staff memory and rolodexes are unsustainable, regardless of portfolio size. But our platform will mitigate that risk.

We want to meet you and learn about your unique challenges in handling the multiple risks of your debt program and to show that it can be easily managed, no matter its size or the other demands on your time.

We are always ready to run a demonstration for you and your staff. Just contact us.

Andrew R. Flynn

CEO & Founder