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Washington Hospital Healthcare System Selects 1812.io Platform as an Augment to its Debt Management

Washington Hospital Healthcare System (WHHS), a California healthcare district, is now partnering with Aquorn, Inc. – a company specializing in customized cloud-based debt management for public agencies – to enhance its state-mandated debt policy already in place. WHHS operates one of the state’s premier healthcare facilities in Fremont, California, and is renowned for its Neonatal and Joint Replacement Centers.

Aquorn’s 1812.io Platform operates by storing debt information, legal documents, contact information and calendar requirements in the cloud, easily accessible to designated members of the local community, without the need for cumbersome downloads or time-consuming staff training. The Platform makes debt-related data available to WHHS from desktop computers, streamlining debt administration and improving engagement with both the public and capital markets. With all related data uploaded onto the Platform, the management of WHHS no longer need refer to a collection of spreadsheets, some from third parties, or to hard copy, to rely on CD document storage or individual calendars to track the complexities of their debt.

Chris Henry, the WHHS Assistant Chief Executive Officer, said that “[t]his Platform promises to give us the ability to track our construction project information against Internal Revenue Code rules and insure the integrity of our bond programs.” He also hopes that the improved ability to share data on a real-time basis will foster transparency for the Board of Directors and for the interested public.

Aquorn’s founder and CEO, Andrew Flynn, said, “We are very proud to have the opportunity to work with WHHS and demonstrate the potential of 1812.io. WHHS joins a number of other California public agencies who are leveraging Aquorn’s 2019 technologies in order to manage their debt more effectively. We are confident that the Platform will better allocate their staff resources and engage their consultants and the capital markets more strategically.”

About Aquorn, Inc.

Aquorn is a technology company created by experienced public finance professionals. Focused specifically on public agencies in the United States, its mission is to power more transparent, efficient and generally good government through the application of advance technology not previously available to public agencies. Founded in 2014, Aquorn, Inc., includes finance, banking, investment banking, technology and legal experts from across the country and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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