About Us

Uniquely focused on the public sector

AQUORN is dedicated to being the premier provider of software solutions that address the needs of public agencies as they borrow funds to meet the needs of their citizens today and into the future.

With 75% of all infrastructure in the United States being funded and maintained by state and local agencies, it is critical that the most up-to-date tools and expertise are available to the finance professionals of these agencies that enable them to utilize tax dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible as they shepherd the financial resources of their communities.

Made up of a team of industry and technology experts, AQUORN's mission is to provide the finest  specialized technology services for public agencies throughout the United States. Building on the industry skills and experience of its founders, Aquorn re-envisions the uses to which public agencies can apply cloud-based technology to further their efficiency and transparency, husbanding revenues now and in the future and redirecting them to support the needs of public stakeholders.

AQUORN software automates many of the critical steps required in the capital-raising and debt administration process, including cash flow tracking, document administration, compliance management and service provider oversight.

In short, our solutions are both easy-to-use and fast to implement.