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AQUORN is modernizing public sector engagement with the capital markets and your stakeholders.  Make debt issuance, management and compliance easier with our cloud-based solutions.

Your agency is responsible for financing the infrastructure that will power the future of your community.  Whether it's educational facilities, water systems, power systems, transportation infrastructure, healthcare facilities, or revitalizing for the next big transformation,
a lot is riding on your shoulders.

Are spreadsheets and filing cabinets the most efficient way to
manage the complexities of today's public debt?



Cash Flows

Cash Flows





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No hardware.
No costly upgrades.
No reviewing someone else's formulas.


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to address the funding needs
of all types of public agencies.


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Platform Capabilities



There was a time when spreadsheets were sufficient to track the complexities of a debt program, but as public debt becomes more complex, spreadsheets not only slow your team down,  they also pose significant risks to your organization.

Harness the benefits of technology to improve both the process and efficiency of issuing, administering, accounting and reporting on borrowed funds.

  • Calculate cash flows for all standard industry products including Fixed Rate, Variable Rate, Capital Appreciation, and Capital Lease Obligations.  

  • Automatically generate and track allocations, for both departmental and fund level accounts, through the Platform to reduce internal workloads.  

  • Generate and track periodic service provider payments related to debt programs. 



Every agency has a document storage system, but when it comes time to retrieve the necessary documents for an audit or to complete a new financing, misplaced or missing transcripts present barriers to success. 


Document administration generates lots of headaches and plenty of risk due to the sheer volume of documents that are generated during the issuance process and throughout the life of the deal.  Leverage a context-driven solution to store all governing and administrative documents related to your debt program, as follows;

  • Upload both public and private documents related to obligations. 

  • Store documents off-site and with back-ups to ensure that your team members can always get the documents related to your financings.

  • Categorize your documents by industry standards so that you can get right to what you’re looking for. No more hunting through file cabinets or across a local network.



Whether it’s preparing to make a debt service payment or remembering when to submit the latest compliance report, this is one of the most important facets of a well-managed debt program. The 1812 Platform ensures that your whole team stays on top of their responsibilities.

  • Track compliance reporting dates to ensure programs stay current with all Federal, State and indenture-specific compliance reporting requirements.

  • See debt service payment dates, amounts due, and Paying Agent instructions across obligations.

  • Sync debt program calendars with work or personal calendars so events can be seen where people look most often.



Transparency is the buzzword but when it comes to debt, transparency can cause lots of confusion.  Without context, data is meaningless.   In order to effectively engage your various audiences, whether it's an oversight board, your financing team, rating agencies, auditors, or citizens, leverage a platform that is designed to both get work done but also to help you tell the story behind the numbers.  

  • Generate industry-standard and customizable reporting for all aspects of a debt program.

  • Analyze proposed capital budget debt issuance impacts, e.g., assess the financial impact of changing conditions such as changes in tax rates or assessed values on revenues.

  • Export data to do your own custom analyses or print presentation-ready reports directly from the platform.

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